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There are four basic steps which you will have to take;

  1. When you have decided on your investment, a consultation is to be had with a real estate agent about establishment of an agreement between buyer and seller
  2. The next step is sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), also known as ‘Contract F’ in Dubai which is available on the Dubai Land Department’s (DLD) website under ‘Contracts’. After signing, it is customary to pay 10% deposit of the property value to the seller.
  3. In order to transfer ownership, you will also need to pay for a No Objection Certificate from the developer of the property you are buying. And once this is finalized you will also have the needed NOC.
For transactions over AED 500,000 there is an AED 4,000 fee. And for those under is AED 2,000. These can are payable in cash, and by the parties agreed in the contract
Yes a person of any origin has the right to buy property, you are not required Dubai residency or any permit to purchase property. But in order to purchase property in the UAE, you must be over 21 years of age.
Yes. The project has to be registered with RERA. Submission a completed reservation form with a copy of your passport is required. The reservation form typically summarizes the basic terms and conditions of the sales agreement, the details of the payment plan, and the buyer and the developer’s personal details.
RERA – Real Estate Regulatory Authority which is part of the Dubai Land Department is a government agency which licenses real estate agents, brokers and developers and regulates all real estate activities in Dubai.
Yes. Al-Mubadarah team provides assistance with the registration documents and escrow account registration from the relevant authorities.
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This is advisable when taking a mortgage on a property. There are a lot of insurance companies in the market that provide customized packages.
Yes. There are dozens of different mortgage providers, from globally known brands to more localized institutions. However each financial institution has its own policies and procedures. Al-Mubadarah company is a full-service broker and provides execution services as well as the mortgage and tailored investment advice and solutions.